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Sinusoidal FOC controller
Max. 90V input voltage
Up to 594A RMS output
Peak power 32.5 kW
Weight: 2 kg
CAN/TTL communication protocol
500 Hz output controller frequency
10 kHz PWM frequency
4 analogue and 2 digital inputs

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The BAC8000 is the biggest in the class with peak power output up to 32.5 kW. The insane phase output current of 840A (594 A-RMS) means you can pop power wheelies at any time!

The BAC controllers are a series of high-grade controllers from Canadian ASI. These controllers are based on a robust MOSFET three phase bridge which provide efficiencies up to 99%. The high efficiency couples with a smooth sinusoidal flux vector control means that your motor will run smooth and more efficiently (less heat build up).

At E-Racing we have pushed these controllers to the limit for years and we have been very impressed by the built-quality and engineering that went into them. The BAC8000 is a perfect match with our high-performance 72V battery.

Click here to see our complete motor and controller kits with this controller.

Description from Accelerated Systems

“The BAC8000 is a compact high-performance Electric Motor Controller / Inverter. These units are optimized for the latest in Lithium Ion Battery Technology and utilize the latest in Field-Oriented Vector Control (FOC) as well as ASI’s Proprietary adaptive Sensorless Motor Control algorithm. ASI Controllers feature auto-tuning and are capable of delivering up to 120% of a motor’s rated maximum locked rotor torque without the need for complicated position sensors. The BAC8000 is suitable for demanding Electric Vehicle Applications.”

Read more about the ASI BAC8000 controller here.

We have various wiring harnesses and enclosures for these controllers. Just reach out to us with your specific project!

Read more about motor controllers here.

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Weight 2 kg


ASI BAC2000, 4000, 8000 datasheet


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