Motor Controller

A motor without a motor controller is like a bicycle without a handlebar.


A Motor Controller is a device that can control an electric motor.

Some of the elements that the controller can manage is:

    • Starting and stopping the motor
    • Selecting forward or reverse direction of movement.
    • Speed regulation
    • Torque limiting

Types of motor controllers

    • Motor Starters
    • Reduced voltage starters
    • Adjustable-speed drives
    • Intelligent controllers

Controlling the speed of the motor

When it comes to the part of controlling the speed of a motor we deal with two terms.

    • VSD(Variable Speed Drive)
    • VFD(Variable Frequency Drive)

Variable Speed Drive

Also called VSD, a variable speed drive is a mechanism that controls the speed and torque either an DC or AC Motor.

Variable Speed Drives can control the speed of a motor by varying the voltage supplied to it.

Variable Frequency Drive

Also called VFD is a type of motor controller that is being used to control the rotational speed and torque of synchronous and asynchronous(Induction) motors. Different from VSD a VFD controls the motor by varying the frequency of the power supplied to it.

VFD works for AC motors only. There exists the following types:

    • Synchronous
    • Asynchronous
      • Single Phase
      • Three Phase

Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles uses Variable Frequency Drive. Here one advantage of using an VFD over an VSD is that if the driver performs a breaking maneuver the motor will act like an generator in that moment, and actually generate power.

A VFD acts like an inverter due to the fact that it converts DC to AC power.

Torque Control vs. Speed Control

In a speed controller a motor is being controlled directly by varying the voltage.

In a torque controller a motor is controlled through applied voltage, meaning that it is not directly controlled by voltage.


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Motor Controllers

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