QS273 (not laced) + SVMC72200 + H6 TFT display

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Kit includes:
QS273 motor, SVMC 72200 controller, H6 TFT display, wire harness, bluetooth adapter and throttle.

Motor specs:
Model: QS273 40H V3
Pole pairs: 16
Rated voltage: 72V (default)
Max. torque: 250Nm
Efficiency: up to 91%
150mm drop out width
Ingression protection: IP54
Prepared for disc brake

Controller specs:
Input voltage: 48-72V DC (90V max.)
Max. battery current: 200A
Max. phase current: 450A
Size: 283 x 146 x 62mm
Weight: 2.2 kg

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This is the most powerful hub motor from QS motor. Paired with Sabvoton SVMC 72200 controller and a suitable battery (not included) this will do peaks of 15.000+W. The kit includes H6 TFT display, wire harness, bluetooth connector, throttle and pedal sensor (plug-and-play).

The SVMC controller is a beast rated for 200A DC input from your battery and 450A AC output to your motor. FOC sinusoidal control makes your motor run quiet and efficient with high torque output. It can be set up easily with your smart phone (Android/IOS). Battery voltage input 48-72V (90V max.).

The QS273 motor is a renowned and solid unit with high torque output (approx. 250 Nm). This motor is not laced in rim – see our alternative QS273 kit if you want this. We use a 5T (high-torque) windings as standard, but 3.5T (high-speed) winding can also be arranged. Please note that drop-out installation width is 150mm.

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Weight 23 kg


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