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When you need a powerful battery pack for different kind of scenarios – you can buy one from us here at E-Racing.
We have spent over two years developing a very powerful and potent battery entirely from scratch.
Our battery is made to perform under harsh environments where ruggedness and durability matters.
Our 72V motorsport battery is made with the intent to be one of the safest of the market.
We also sell batteries for electric bicycles from the brand Hailong. Don’t forget to check these out at our shop!


The term “battery pack” is a set of any number of identical(preferably) batteries or individual battery cells that together conforms an entire battery pack.
A battery is able to store energy and to then provide that energy to a given electrical system.

Considering the given configuration of the battery, various voltage levels and ampere hours can be achieved.
Currently we sell two battery packs here at E-Racing for motorsport.
Both with a nominal voltage of 72V.


Some of the use cases where you would need a battery pack could be:

    • EV (Electric Vehicle)
    • Electric Go Kart
    • Electric Speedway


A battery pack can relatively easily be swapped and replaced with another one.
This is especially useful if your main battery somehow dies and you need a replacement.
It also makes recycling easier when you reach the end-of-product life.

State of charge

State of charge or SOC is like a fuel gauge for a battery. It gives an estimate of the remaining power of the battery.
SOC is determined by numerous factors including: voltage, current, temperature as well as others.

Types of batteries

There exists various types of batteries for any number of different use cases.
In the following list are give some of the most popular types:

    • Lithium-ion battery
      • Lithium-ion polymer battery(LiPo)
      • Lithium-iron-phosphate battery(LFP)
    • Lead-acid battery
    • Molten-salt battery


Shop various types of battery packs at our shop now!

Battery Packs



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