QS138-90H motor

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PMSM IPM motor
100V maximum nominal voltage
Rated RPM 4000
RPM with flux weaking 6500+
Thermic Probe: KTY83/122
Weight 13.3 kg
IP67 rated
7.5 kW continuous
30+ kW bursts

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A solid and well known motor. High efficiency and performance at a low cost. The high torque output of the QS138-90H makes it a perfect match for many different conversions from light-weight motorsport vehicles to large size motorcycles.

We have used this motor type for years on the E-Racing drivetrain pushing it beyond 25 kW and it has never let us down!

Paired with ASI BAC8000 this motor can handle up to 30kW bursts without significant motor heating!

Motor is supplied along with 14T 428 sprocket.

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Weight 13 kg

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