High power Sur Ron kit ASI BAC controller

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ASI BAC2000, BAC4000, BAC8000
Plug-and-play harness – no soldering needed!
Huge increase in power and torque
Change power maps on the display or via E-Racing smartphone app

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These kits include everything you need to transform your SurRon into a croch-rocket (Controller, display, wire harness and power cables). Plug-and-play wire harness, no soldering needed!
NOTE: this kit does not including mounting brackets for the controller. However, these can either be 3D printed or fabricated easily from aluminum sheet metal. Contact us if you are unsure about this.

Combine this kit with the stock or bi-passed original battery for a noticeable power boost or combine with a 72V performance battery and you will be flying around!

The E-Racing smartphone app will allow you to setup your kit depending on which battery you have, as well as fine tuning power, torque and throttle response on the fly.

Use this figure as a reference which power increase you can expect:

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Weight 6 kg

BAC2000, BAC4000, BAC8000


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