Bafang BBSHD 1000W 48V Complete kit

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Complete plug-and-play kit!
Three-phase brushless motor
Improved 48V-30A controller with 3077 mosfets
DPC-18 LCD display
Torque: Max. 160 Nm
Nominal power 1000W / Peak 1560W
CE & T?V approved
Ingression protection: IP65
Built-in pedal sensor
Top speed: 50-70 km/t (gearing dependent)
Weight: Approx. 5.6 kg
BB shell length: 68-73mm

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The BBSHD is the big brother to the BBS02 system. This system solid and power dense unit with a 1000W continuous rating and 1560W peak power. With this system you can pull wheelies up steep hills without breaking a sweat!

We have tested these systems on various ebikes and have found that they are very reliable.

In the off-road scene, mid-drive motor systems have advantages over hub-motor systems due to center of gravity, less unsprung weight and higher efficiencies.

This kit includes everything you need except a 48V battery. Included is:
Motor, display (DPC-18), chainring 44T (other sizes available), crank arms, thumb throttle, brake sensor, speed sensor, headlight, wire harness and assembly tools.

We tested all the available displays, but found that the DPC-18 is the nicest by far. Thus, this is the one we include in the kit. Others are also available, but reach out to us if you want another one.

NOTE: Your bottom-bracket must be 68-73mm to use this motor. If yours is not, contact us for a solution (adapter or different motor).

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Weight 6 kg


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