Hailong 48V battery 13Ah (624Wh)

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Nominal voltage: 48V DC
Min. / max. voltage: 36.4 – 54.6 V DC
Continuous current: 28A
Peak current: 50A
Discharge temperature: -15 to 65 celcius
Discharge temperature: 0 to 55 celcius
Integrated BMS protection board
Life cycle: 800 cycles (>80%)
Weight: approx. 3.3 kg
1 year warranty

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Compact and powerful 48V – 13Ah lithium battery. This pack contains 624Wh of usable energy which is enough to travel around 50 km on one charge.

This battery is capable of outputting 28A continuous and 50A peak, which means it can be used for both BBS02 and BBSHD ebike kit.

The pack has convenient state-of-charge (SOC) indicator and locking mechanism with two included keys.

Includes a 48V 2A charger.

Note: Never charge your battery in freezing temperatures. Doing so will greatly reduce the lifecycle of your battery.

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Weight 4 kg


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