When working with electrical components you will find it essential to use a Plier for some scenarios. In this article we will cover the topic of Pliers.
Plyers are hand-operated tools used mostly for holding and gripping objects.

various kinds of pliers in orange color

Definition of a Plier

A small pincers for holding small objects or for bending and cutting wire.

Usage of a Plier

Use cases for a plier is as beforementioned to hold or grip objects.
But other use cases also apply – such as:

    • Position
    • Twist
    • Cut
    • Tighten or loosen

This can especially be useful if you need to hold small objects that cannot easily be held by hand.
One can for an example imagine the scenario where you would need to hold to small wires in place for soldering.

History of Pliers

No single person can take credit for the invention of pliers. Early time metal-working processes would have needed some plier-like device to manage the hot materials in smithing or casting scenarios.

Although, no one can take the full credit for the invention of pliers – the first ever vise-grip plier patent happened in the United States of America in the 1920s by William S. Petersen in De Witt, Nebraska

Types of Pliers

There exists many types of pliers for all kinds of purposes.
Here follows a list of some of the most widely-used pliers.

Slip joint pliers Slip Joint pliers in light green color
Diagonal pliers
(Also called sidecutters)
Diagonal pliers in silver color.
Combination pliers black and blue combination pliers
Needle-nose pliers black needle nosed pliers
Bent nose pliers cyan colored bent nose pliers
Terminal Crimping pliers
Circlip pliers retaining ring plier in black and blue color
Round-nose pliers


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